Who are LoveHate

We are an experienced and creative production company, creating commercials, digital content, short films and music videos specialising in beauty, fashion & lifestyle. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront - creating films that most certainly stand out from the mundane.

LoveHate has been running for over eight years and has worked closely with brands including Longchamp, Chanel, Hugo Boss, Virgin Airlines, Harrods, Martini and many more. We work with all budgets, nothing is too big or too small as long as we can get creative. That's why we focus on providing the best 'production value' possible and making the most out of every budget - especially where ‘look’ is paramount.

Zayn Malik is voted one of the most stylish men of the year by GQ! Enough said!

Paul Barulis's teamed up with the amazing Great Guns to shoot the new Herbal Essences 'Daily Detox'

It’s finally here! The first ever soap dress, inspired by LUX perfumes! 

Tom Hiddleston, he of villainous Thor fame—and now, a turn as Hank Williams.